☆ Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette ☆


So just before Christmas I was scrolling through twitter and found out that Anastasia Beverly hills has a UK website. Woohoo! So now I can buy off there website, pay no customs and get it delivered to my house. My review is coming to you after about a month of using it. To sum it up I LOVE IT!☀

The colours are more wearable than the look. They are so pigmented and easy to blend. In my arm swatches some of the colours don’t look too amazing. But used with a brush, or my finger on the centre of the lid they are stunning.☀

I have done many eye-shadow looks with this palette including- Tempera on the lid, Buon Fresco in the crease, Love letter in the outer v and Vermeer on the lid.☀

Another look I have done is Tempera on the lid, Warm Taupe in the crease and Primavera on the lid.☀

These colours are lovely and I use this palette most of the time I love it. The delivery took 5 days and because they had just launched the website I got free postage. I am really impressed with all the Anastasia products I have tried and am excited to try more.☀

This is the first row swatched, the first picture is with the flash and the second is without the flash.☀

This is the second row swatched, the first picture is with the flash and the second is without the flash.☀

A brush also comes with the palette it is a double ended- on one end a blending brush and on the other dense brush to pack shadow on with. The brush I personally feel is good quality.☀


I am looking forward to the spring release as there is going to be some collabs with youtube / beauty influences.☀

Let me know if you have this palette and what your thoughts on it were.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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