☆ Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette ☆


*Updated with pictures*

So my sister is really into makeup. I would describe her as always tanned. This is because she likes to drown herself in bronzer and contour. So Last year when Kat Von D launched in the UK she got bought this palette as a present.☀

The palette is extremely pigmented so go in with a light hand and ensure to tap your brush off before applying. The product is creamy and easy to blend. When it comes to a palette like this people usually don’t use all the shades as they can’t. The same goes for my sister but she use 5 out of the 6 shades which is pretty good.☀


She uses a mix of the first two light shades under her eyes and to brighten up areas of her face she wants to highlight. The third top shade she uses as a blush as it is to dark of a shade to highlight on her skin tone. For bronzer she mixes the first two shades on the bottom row with a big fluffy brush lie the Luxie 502 brush. Then she contours with the middle shade and a Luxie angled face brush.☀

Swatches of the highlight shades without a flash than with a flash.

Swatches of the contour shades with a flash than without a flash.

This palette is gorgeous and she can’t recommend it enough. She is really looking forward to trying out more products from Kat Von D, especially some of her nude liquid lipstick shades launching this spring/summer.☀


Let me know if you have tried any Kat Von D products and what your thoughts have been.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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