☆ 50 Facts About Me ☆


So for today’s post I thought I would share 50 facts about me and its a bit of a get to know me post. I have been running my blog since May 2016 so I thought it was time to share so facts about me☀

  1. I am a Pisces
  2. I am a vegetarian
  3. I have 4 tattoos
  4. I have two cats called Coco and Chanel
  5. I used to have a rabbit called Sparkle
  6. I wore glasses when I was little then didn’t need them, but now I do so wear them all the time.
  7. My first designer bag was a Michael Kors Saffino tote which I used a lot, but now as I have a bigger bag so gave to my mum.
  8. I learnt to drive in 4 months.
  9. I am the proud owner of a grey fiat 500c convertible.
  10. I love stationary.
  11. I love makeup.
  12. My 3 favourite brands are Too Faced, Bobbi Brown and Anastasia.
  13.  I really loving exercise now.
  14. My favourite takeaway is a Chinese.
  15. My order at Starbucks is a skinny caramel hot chocolate.
  16. I love writing blog-posts.
  17. I love green tea especially flavoured ones.
  18. My favourite shape is a star.
  19. My first piece of designer jewellery was my Tiffany bracelet.
  20. I love to do face masks.
  21. My favourite artists right now are Beyonce, Craig David and Adele.
  22. I love everything Disney.
  23. My favourite Makeup tool is my Beauty Blender.
  24. My favourite Makeup Brush brand is Luxie.
  25. My hair is balyaged and I use a purple shampoo to keep my blonde cool.
  26. My favourite animal are elephants.
  27. I have eczema.
  28. I do suffer from hay fever.
  29. I have very sensitive skin and always have allergic reactions.
  30. My favourite makeup shop is Beauty Bay.
  31. My favourite flower is an orchid.
  32. I never wore a pair of jeans until I was 17.
  33. My favourite quote is stars can’t shine without darkness.
  34. I am 4 foot 11 inches tall
  35. I have blue eyes.
  36. I have size 4 feet but I can fit in a 3 sometimes.
  37. My favourite colour is Grey.
  38. I used to do Ballet and tap.
  39. I swam every week for 11 years.
  40. I have one sister.
  41. I got 6 B’s and 5 C’s at GCSES.
  42. I have never joined Facebook.
  43. I got stung by a bee in my right ankle in primary school.
  44. Later in year 9 of high school I broke a bone in my right ankle.
  45. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure and favourite brand is Cadburys ( and lidnt bears and bunnies).
  46. I love Kris Fox I think he is hilarious.
  47. I spend lots of my spare time watching youtube videos.
  48. My favourite TV shows are Pretty Little Liars, Rookie Blue, Law and Order, Casualty, Holby city, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Tattoo Fixers, Doctor Foster and Revenge.
  49. My favourite sad movie was Marley and Me.
  50. My favourite stationary shops are Paperchase and KIKIK.
  51. The most I have won on a Scratch Card is £2.

Hope you enjoyed learning something new about me, leave me one interesting fact about you.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

9 thoughts on “☆ 50 Facts About Me ☆

  1. This post was so lovely! Just came across your blog and it’s so refreshing! I’ve recently started blogging and would like to post something related to myself. so people can really understand and get to know me. Could you maybe give me some ideas of how to introduce myself in a post? Your 50 facts is a great idea I think! If you have chance can you pop over to my site and browse my latest posts? thanks x


    1. Ahh thank you so much, what a lovely comment it brighten my day. Just to start I just did an intro post, saying hi, what I like, hobbies and what the content you would like to put out. Then I would do a post on a topic you want to. Try to have a system and rountine on what days you post. You don’t have to stick to it, just give your followers an idea of when to read and look out for a new post. Definitely will check out your blog, thanks x


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