☆ Being Vegetarian ☆


I understand everyone is different, so I am just going to put a disclaimer here. I am not forcing anyone to become a vegetarian I am just going to be sharing the foods I enjoy and why I gave up meat.☀

At a young age I knew about vegetarians as my mum was one. I always ate ham and chicken. But one day I decided that pigs were my favourite animal and I didn’t want to eat them anymore. After so many discussions with my mum she let me give up ham. I remember lots of talks like there are half of the pigs in the world for food and others for farms and not to be eaten.☀

So then when  I was young I only ate white chicken breast, I would never eat skin or anything else. I never enjoyed it and always dreaded it. After so many conversations I finally stopped eating meat.☀

I never enjoyed food or ate much variety but the terms and conditions were I would eat more food for giving up meat. To be honest I never did and now I am 18 nearly 19 I am making effort to eat more variety of food and try new things out. ☀

So I haven’t eaten meat for about 8 years which is amazing. It’s my decision and if I wanted to eat I would but I dont.☀

So here is something I enjoy eating being vegetarian:☀

Image result for veggie percy pigsImage result for colin the caterpillar Image result for tetley green teas

For snacks I love veggie percy pigs, veggie colins, chocolate, biscuits. At the minute I enjoy making fruit salads.

For drinks I love green tea especially flavoured ones by Tetley, I try to drink at least one litre of water a day, sometimes fizzy drinks.

For fruit and vegetables I can eat a wide variety including:

sweet potato, potatoes, grapes, apples, kiwis, satsumas, raspberries, sweetcorn, cucumber, carrot.

For a rough ideas of meals:

Jacket potato with cheese and sweetcorn



Rice with sweetcorn

Mash potato, Yorkshire puds, sweetcorn

Of course I mix it up and try to have a healthy balanced diet alongside a good exercise plan. But if I want a treat I will have it. I try to stay healthy but some days it harder. I would love to go vegan but my mum says I don’t eat enough food and is worried about my health. I love animals so am glad I went vegetarian. ☀

Let me know if you enjoyed this post.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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