☆ What’s on my Iphone ☆


So for today’s post I thought I would give you an insight to what apps I have on my phone.☀

So starting with downloaded apps I have :☀

PayPal- to ensure I keep on top of my online orders and to ensure Safety of my money.

Natwest Banking – To be aware of when I get paid, keep an eye on money and make online transactions.

WordPress- To keep ontop of my blog with views and comments.

Talklife- A support app I joined, where you can post and comments to help others and yourself.

Whats app- To keep in contact with my family and friends and be able to send free pictures.

snapchat- To message friends, use filters and use my story.

Instagram – To post images, look at others accounts and be aware of new makeup and products coming out.

Countdown- Use this app to do daily countdowns to birthdays and exciting events happening.

Bloglovin- To help promote my blog.

twitter- To tweet people and make people aware of when my blog-posts go live.

02 priority- To ensure I get the most out my network, like early access to tickets, £5 pizza express mains and other discounts.

P tracker Lite- To keep an eye and be aware of when my period is due. ( sorry tmi)

Bitmoji- Create a small character to be like me and use her on different accounts.


So these are all the apps I have on my phone and that I use on a daily basis.☀

Let me know your favourite app on your phone.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀


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