☆ Jeffree Star Products ☆


Recently I bought my sister some Jeffree Star products as a present to say Thank You for all she has done and is doing for me. Helping me out and being so supportive.☀


I picked her up Jeffree Star highlighter in Peach Goddess and Jeffree Star liquid lip in Mannequin. I knew she had been eyeing these up for a long time but I knew she  didn’t want to just buy them. So I got them for her as a surprise. But unfortunately as we share a Beauty Bay account she got emailed and found out. I had gone into her email to delete them but they sent some after I had been in her inbox. ☀

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and very sturdy. The highlight came wrapped well in bubble wrap. The pan is massive so she wont be running out any time soon. The colour is STUNNING. A peachy golden glow and she was not disappointed. She applies the highlight with a fan brush and finds it works well.☀

Picture one is without the flash and picture two is with the flash.

The liquid lip is also STUNNING. The colour is a mauve nude on her skin tone. It is a slightly lighter and peachy than celebrity skin the lipstick.on her The liquid lip is very comfortable and you can’t feel it on the lips. It does not crumble after a few hours.☀

So overall she was super impressed and can’t wait to try more from the brand, plus I got some sister points. Woohoo lol☀

Let me know if you have tried any Jeffree Star products and your thoughts on them.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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