☆ My Favourite Influences ☆


As The YouTube Industry is filled with amazing influences, I thought I would share some of the people I love to follow and watch. ☀

Nicole Guerriero

Image result for nicole guerriero 2017

Jaclyn Hill

Image result for jaclyn hill 2017

Jamie Genevieve

Related image

Jeffree Star

Image result for jeffree star 2017

Manny Mua

Image result for manny mua 2017

Patrick Star

Image result for patrickstarrr

Carly Rowena

Image result for carly rowena

Victoria (INTHEFROW)

Image result for inthefrow 2017

Jordan Bone

Image result for jordan bone

Desi Perkins

Image result for desi perkins

Katy (Lustrexlux)

Image result for katy lustrelux 2017

Shannon Harris (shaaaanxo)

Image result for shaaanxo

Casey Holmes

Image result for casey holmes 2017

Kris Fox

Image result for kris fox


Image result for michael finch 2017


I enjoy watching all these people for different reasons, whether its to inspire me, show me how to do a specif exercise, new makeup but overall to have a bit of me and relaxation time.

Let me know who you’re favourite influencers are.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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