☆ My Version Of A Bullet Journal ☆


I understand what a bullet journal is and have watched many videos and read posts on Bullet journals, but I personally felt a lot of pressure of it being perfect. And being a perfectionist doesn’t help. So I took some tips and created my own bullet journal.☀

I started by getting a notebook that I would be happy with to use throughout the year. Next I got some tools together to start it including a ruler, coloured pencils, 2 different types of pens and things I love like photos, quotes and a ladder to help brake the journal up.☀

I like to keep all my blog notes at the back of the book so views each month, ideas for post, schedules,maps of views e.t.c. ☀

At the front of my bullet journal I have a cover page, Index and an Inspo page which includes photos and drawings. Next I have a page of my interests and my favourite quote. Following that is my bucket list and then my diary starts. I try to break my diary up every few pages with quotes, pictures or my ladder of the year ( this allows me to see what is happening each month and what to look forward to.)☀

I always keep a pen in my book, just so if I need to write notes I can. I am also jotting down ideas for blog-posts, writing down my gym workouts, classes I have attended.☀

Let me know if you have started a bullet journal and any personal touches you have put to it.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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