☆New Single Eyeshadow Purchases ☆


For Valentine’s day my sister got me some new single eyeshadows which was a complete surprise and I was not expecting anything. However she made some excellent choices. She got me two shades from Makeup Geek (which I was looking at) and a shade from Coloured Rain. ☀


The Coloured Rain shadow is duo chrome and called Chameleon. It is a pinky- purple shadow with a blue shift. A colour I am right into now. I love it, in the pan it looks nice but swatched its looks stunning. I would of never thought to look at any other single eye shadow brands except Makeup Geek and I am glad she introduced this brand and beautiful eye shadow to me.☀

The Next two shadows are from Makeup Geek and both matte. One is called Bake Sale and the other is Faux Fur. Bake Sale is the warmest colour I have in my Z palette I would describe it as a warm mid tone brown. It is very buttery and has a nice colour pay off when swatched. The other shade is Faux Fur this is a cool tone grey brown.This shade is also very smooth and buttery and a very up my alley crease shade. ☀

First picture has the flash on and second doesn’t. Shades L to R Chameleon, Faux Fur, Bake Sale.☀

I am really looking forward to getting some more single shadows and filling up my Z palette. I understand in the Beauty community there has been some controversy on the owner of Z Palettes. I don’t really understand what went on. So I am going to continue to use my Z palette but will look into the news.☀


Let me know if you have bought any new shadows recently.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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