☆ Bullying ☆


I wanted to wait until Anti- Bullying week to do this post but since it is not until November I thought this post couldn’t wait. I know there are different types of bullying whether that be face to face, Cyber e.t.c but I wanted to tell you about my story. I know if you are having a tough time you may feel it won’t get better but it will. I promise you. It did for me. I hated every minute of it but it has helped me to become a stronger person today.☀

So it first started in primary school. When I was younger I needed glasses to help improve something wrong with my eye as I was so young there was a chance it could be corrected and delay my eyesight getting worse. So then I could wear glasses later in life. I was the girl who was 4 years old  with Pink Barbie glasses. My mum was devastated when I was told at hospital that I would have too wear them. I wore them for about two years and had to have drops that stung and made my eyes go blurry. I used to get to miss some school days to go to the hospital and meet Bob a toy cat at the special eye unit. So when I was in reception at school  boy knocked off my glasses, stamped on them and spat in my face. When I look back now I don’t understand why he did it. He was horrible. ☀

Then when I was in year 2 I had two girl friends ( well I thought they were my friends) and one lunch time they put the Baybel red wax in my hair. I cried so much and lucky I didn’t have to cut it out. My mum after school help me wash it out. The girls only had to say sorry but they didn’t even give a reason why the did it. I still don’t to this day understand why someone would do something like that. ☀

In high school I didn’t really fit in. My sister went to the same high school as me and people used to tease me about that. I struggled to make friends and the girls who I wanted to be my friends didn’t want to be mine. I left Primary school with one other girl going to the same high school as me. I was always lasted to be picked to work with others in groups or pairs, at lunch I would sit on my own. But it got worse when I broke my ankle in year 9. Girls didn’t believe I couldn’t walk and used to say I was lying. I became very sad and I had to work in the SEN department as thats the only place that had flat floor and no stairs.☀

I really struggled with my work load and people used to make fun of me for sitting on my own or concentrating in class as I was just trying to get the best grades possible. When I look back now it doesn’t seem like such a big deal but at the time wen I was living every minute of it I struggled.☀

Even When I left school I always struggled to fit, even at work. I always wished I was 2 years older so I was cooler and had seen more of life. I struggle with low self esteem and confidence and feeling like you don’t fit in doesn’t help. I can remember being called Fat, Ugly, Stupid, not just by myself but by others too. That didn’t help. My boss was always so negative and had criticised the way I look the way I did things.☀

So what I am trying to say is if you need help, just ask for it don’t be embarrassed or feel ashamed. Talk to people its Okay not to be Okay. I defiantly can relate to this and hope by sharing my story it can help someone out there.

Useful websites and apps:☀

Talklife ( a app where you can connect and talk to others about lots of things.)


NHS Website Bullying


I hope this post helps some of you and just know things can get better. I am always here if anyone wants to talk to let off a bit of steam or share experiences.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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