☆New Pieces to my Wardrobe☆


So I picked up a new pieces and have a few pieces on my wishlist. I love New Look I find they always do nice on trend clothes, that are affordable and fit me nice.☀

To start I have got this black long sleeve jumper with pink embroided flowers on. It is so warm and nice and comfortable. I have got this jumper in a small. I love that floral embellishments are on trend. I love the different shades and pink on the sleeves. This jumper I got from New Look at the beginning of the month and was 30 pounds.☀


Next is this black silky material back pack. It was about 15 pounds. It has a pocket on the front and then one big compartment. Inside the big compartment it has one small pocket which I put my phone in. I love this piece to change up my wardrobe and have been using it a lot more recently than my Michael Kors handbag. It holds my keys, phone, a padlock for the gym, my bullet journal, deodorant, water, a snack and still has room inside.☀


Finally pieces on my wishlist are also from New Look including  gorgeous backpacks and a leather jacket.☀


I never have been interested in leather jackets but this one is gorgeous and with pink floral details on the arm it is right up my alley. The only thing holding me back is the price as I don’t know how much I would wear it but it is stunning.☀


This backpack is stunning and similar to the one I own but I am so tempted as I love it.☀


Finally is this backpack. My favourite colour and in fake leather with beautiful embroidery. OMG this is what dreams are made of.☀

Let me know any pieces you have added to your wardrobe recently.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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