☆ Mindfulness ☆


Mindfulness is a skill we all can use in our everyday life. Recently I went on some free courses to have a bit more of an insider to Mindfulness. I went to one course called Compassionate Mind and the other Mindfulness. In a nutshell Mindfulness is something you can do very easily whether you just take a few minutes out and focus on your breathing. You don’t need to sit in a dark room with peaceful music on, I mean you can if you want to. But you can practice on your way to work, on public transport, before bed while brushing your teeth. Basically anywhere. ☀

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In the beginning I struggled to do it as I didn’t believe a few minutes of my day could change the way I felt. I guess I was unaware and uneducated on the understanding of Mindfulness.☀

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To be honest I am actually praticing while I write this post. I just sit in a chair and take a deep breath in and then a big breath out. I like to do this exercise when feeling stressed or like I need something to focus on. Sometimes I close my eyes and breath in and out for a few minutes and other times I like to watch the rise and fall of my chest.☀

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I find this skill is coming into my daily life and I actually like it now. So if anyone wants to try it I’d say give it go and see if it helps you. You do need to practice this skill so the first time you do it you may not get it but, just keep pursuing with it and you will thank me later.☀

Let me know if you have done or are planning to do any mindfulness activities.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

3 thoughts on “☆ Mindfulness ☆

  1. I sometimes like to practise mindfulness when I’m doing silly little tasks we might take for granted such as washing up or brushing my teeth
    Lucy 🙂 x


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