☆ My New Watch ☆


So for today’s post I thought I would share with you my thoughts on my new watch. To say it is stunning is an understatement. I am not usually one for things with a label on. I think sometimes brands get it wrong and the design is just too showy. But this has a small logo, but the reason I was attracted to it was because it sums me up as a person. ☀

Not only I am lover of moon and stars it has a meaning in my family for so many years. The moon to me is a beautiful object which projects in the night sky and guides us all with its light. The stars are small but powerful and twinkle.☀


My mum has always said and wrote in cards ‘Love you to the moon, stars and back again’ and that has always stuck with me. So one day when I came across this watch it was like a sign. The metal colour is silver which is the only colour of jewellery I wear. The design and detail is stunning.☀

The watch was hard to get a hold of as it came back in and out of stock, I even contacted the customer service team but they couldn’t help me. One Friday night I just thought I would check the website and it was there, like a sign. So I spent no time thinking about it and just bought it and put it away for my birthday.☀


So overall I am in LOVE and can’t stop looking at my wrist all the time.☀

Let me know f you have bought a watch recently and what brand it is.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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