☆ Jeffree Star x Manny Mua Collab ☆


My sister and I were so excited when we heard about this collab. They sounded like the Dream Team working together. We also know Jeffree’s formula is amazing. So when the shades of the products were shown in their collab video we were so impressed. ☀

As soon as the collab was dropped I was on the Beauty Bay website an hour early before the release. 30 minutes before they were due to drop i checked the website and they were online so we just filled our basket and checked out.☀


Chloe and I got one Skin Frost in shade Eclipse to share and she also picked up the liquid lip in the shade Daddy. Chloe would of liked to get the box set but that was only available to buy on Jeffree’s website and with the tax and shipping fees the price would rise up a lot. So we decide to just buy the liquid lip in a shade we knew she would defiantly wear.☀

We got free next day delivery and the order was with us by 2 pm on Sunday 9th of April. I waited for Chloe to get home and we opened the package together, the packaging was gorgeous and we had to photograph it all before opening the products.☀

The highlighter has a gorgeous moon and star imprinted in the powder and is very creamy. It is not too pigmented but packs a punch. The colour is gorgeous and hopefully will look good on both our skin tones.☀

The liquid lip in Daddy is creamy and pigmented like his other shades. I would describe this colour as a warm terracotta brown lip. The colour looks lovely and would suit Chloe so well, but personally for me I don’t like it.☀

Both of the products have been swatched down below with the flash on.☀

Let me know if you have tried any of their collab or are trying to get your hands on it.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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