☆ More Facts about me ☆


More facts about me, as my last posts went down so well I thought I would give you more of an insight into my life.☀

I love helping others and sharing experiences.☀

I used to play the recorder.☀

I always wanted to learn how to play the flute but was told to learn the reorder first but I gave up after 3 terms of learning.☀

I always wanted to play the piano.☀

I always wanted to play the harp, such a beautiful instrument.☀

I always used to ride my bike in my Grandads Garden. ☀

I got into makeup when I was 15, and everyone was always amazed how my skin looked so perfect.☀

I have dry skin.☀

I love my hair ombred or balayged as they call it now.☀

I once tried rock climbing and hated it as I am scared of heights.☀

My friends in school always used to get sharks up on their laptops and scar me as I hate sharks especially great white sharks.☀

I always love to go to bed early and wake up early- I am an early bird.☀

If I could only one food for the rest of my life it would have to be pizza.☀

My favourite vegetable is sweetcorn.☀

I now have 5 tattoos.☀

I would love to Disney Land Paris in the near future.☀

I found exercise in a time in my life when I needed a void to fill and have loved going to the gym and doing classes ever since.☀

I was once pooed on bird a bird, people say thats lucky but it was gross.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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