☆ My Huaraches ☆


So since I am going to the gym 5-6  a week, my sister convinced me to buy some new trainers that are more supportive than my Nike Roshe runs. As many of you new by now my favourite colour if grey so when my sister showed me these I feel in love. I had to go a size up in them, usually I am size 3 but in these a size 4.☀


I bought these from Foot Asylum and they were the last pair in my size. They were slightly marked on the back so I got 10% off. They were in the sale from £90 to £70 then I got them for £62 with the slight mark on.☀

The most I have ever spent on trainers are £45 as usually I fit in the children’s sizes but these were so pretty, Chloe my sister paid £20 towards them for me. I am so grateful and love them very much. I feel like I look so much more stylish now when I wear trainers.☀


On a comfort rating I find them so comfortable even more comfortable then roshe runs which I didn’t think was possible.  ☀

Let me know what your favourite trainers are.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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