☆ Aurora Glow Kit ☆


As soon as I saw this glow kit I knew it was one for me. Not only do I love Anastasia Glow kits, Aurora was my favourite princess. I love being alternative and unique with my makeup. I will be the girl with purple eye shadow on her lids and a purple highlight on. I don’t have an issue with colour and loving doing my makeup the way I like it.☀

To start with I first saw this on Norvina’s snapchat, then on Instagram. It was out on the 4th of April and I immediately bought it as soon as it was available on the UK website. The glow kit was £39 and had free postage. The company suggested 7 days delivery but I received it in 3 days. I screamed when it arrived as I feel in Love and was so excited to try it.☀

The packaging is a gorgeous pink to purple ombre with a slight glitter running through the background. The palette is the same size as Moonchild which is slightly smaller than their other glow kits.☀


The palette is stunning and is highly pigmented. I love all the shades, the only shade Spectra I will have to use as eye-shadow as I am so fair it will be too dark for my skin tone. Here is the swatches with the flash on the left picture is the top row and bottom row. I feel the formula has become even better and I love it, ☀

So for colours on the first picture the swatch closet to this writing is Eclipse, Luna and Spectra. In the second picture the swatch at the bottom is Helia, Orion and Lyra. I think this kit is beautiful and I am so excited to use it.☀


Let me know if you have tried this glow kit or are going to try and get your hands on it. If you would like any more pictures leave me a comment and I will happily do that for you.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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