☆ My Go To Makeup Brushes ☆


I have been putting this post off for age, but finally took the plunge. I am not trying to show off in anyway I just thought it would help to give some insight if you are looking for new brushes or struggling with the brushes you already own. ☀

Now days I can afford expensive brushes like Luxie and Too Faced but I remember being in high school and trying to save up and convince my mum to buy me the latest Real Techniques brushes.☀


So lets start with Base brushes and tools. I can not live with out a Beauty Blender, they are expensive little sponges but are like magic wands and miracle workers when it comes to apply foundation and liquid products. I own 2 the pink original one and a purple one which is Royal Orchid. I use them to apply foundation, concealer and powder. I also find if I am having an issues with products not blending or looking cakey I am able to sort it out with a few pounces of a Beauty Blender.☀


For Pressed powder and an all over blending brush when all my powder products have been applied I use a Luxie 502 Large Powder brush. For bronzer I use a Too Faced Mr Right brush it is so soft and distributes powder perfectly.It is also super cute and has a bow on. For Blush I use a 524 Small duo fibre brush, i mix my two blushes out of my palette and apply. This allows me to build and not look like a clown straight away. LOL.☀

For Highlight I use Luxie 516 Duo Fibre Powder brush. It is slightly domed so picks up a good amount of product and distributes well. Highlight is my favourite part of my makeup especially when I use duo chrome colours I feel like I look like a unicorn princess. Which is the look we are all after right ?!☀

Onto eyes I defiantly know the market can be overwhelming so to make it easy I only have 3 brushes. A Luxie 227 blending brush I use this to apply a base shadow close to my skin colour all over the lid and up to the brow. Also if I go a bit to high with my crease shade I am able to blend and blur the sharpness. A Luxie 229 Tapered Blending brush I use this brush for the crease and outer v if I want to do a bit of more of a dramatic eye.☀

Finally a Luxie 211 Concealer brush I use this to apply shimmers and foiled eyeshadows to the lid and inner corner. Sometimes your finger works best but I defiantly recommend this brush. ☀

For Luxie brushes you can buy them here off Beauty Bay in the Uk- http://www.beautybay.com/_/N-/?Ntk=All&Ntt=luxie&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial

For the Too Faced brush you can buy here from Debenhams in the Uk-http://www.beautybay.com/_/N-/?Ntk=All&Ntt=beauty+blender&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial ☀

For Beauty Blenders you can buy here off Beuaty Bay in the Uk- http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10701_10001_154614110399_-1

Let me know what your go to brushes are and if we have any in common. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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