☆ Moonchild vs Aurora ☆


Today’s blogpost is going to be a comparison of two ABH glow kits. They are the Moonchild and Aurora glow kits. Online people are saying they are similar but when swatched together they are very different.☀

On the first picture we have ABH Moonchild glow kit versus ABH Aurora glow kit with no flash on, then in the second picture the flash is on. The colour are very different and I love them both. After the comparison swatches next to each other the Aurora formula is much creamier and more pigmented than Moonchild. They are both beautiful but because their has been a year time frame between them being released I am not surprised they have improved their formula. ☀


Out of both of these palettes their is only one shade I can’t use on my checks which is Spectra from the Aurora palette because I am so fair but I can use this as eye-shadow. I love both of these palettes and would recommend to anyone the Anastasia glow kits.☀

If I had to pick a favourite I would say Aurora because of the name and the formula but they are both amazing and it only wins by a tiny amount,☀

The colours are beautiful and look scary or intimidating to some people but I think they are absolutely amazing. I would say they are on par with Becca as I have the Prismatic Amethyst. I am very passionate about highlighter and it is my favourite makeup product. I love that you can be unique and wear blue highlight but it doesn’t look weird. I feel my creative and unique side comes out every-time I apply one of these beautiful shades. ☀

Let me know your thoughts on the ABH glow kits.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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