☆ Festival Inspired Makeup ☆


So I know lots of people are doing festival makeup and with Coachella over, their are lots of festivals in the UK happening including LoveBox, SW4, Glastonbury, V Festival, Wireless e.t.c.☀

This makeup is just Festival inspired and is my interpenetration of festival makeup. I did two looks and the first one was just doing my base as normal using moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer and blush.  Then I got some silver star stickers from Paperchase and stuck 3 on my cheekbones. The biggest star in the middle at an angle, then a middle sized one at the top closet to my hairline and finally a small one under my eye but still in the are you apply highlight. My aim was to create a rainbow, ombre highlight. In my eyes I created it. It looked better in real life but I tried my hardest to get good photos.☀


I used the Aurora glow kit by Anastasia Beverley Hills. Using a Luxie brush I started by picking up Spectra, I went into the pan multiple times to pick up a lot of product so it was a bright highlight. Apply this colour closet to my hairline and my brow. I then dusted off my brush on some kitchen roll and went into the shade Orion, I used the same technique except this time i was blending up to the purple so it was a blendless seam with no harsh lines. After finishing with this colour I dusted off the brush on some kitchen roll and topped up Spectra. ☀


Onto wiping off the brush again I used Helia and used the same technique of packaging on colour and blending up into Orion. Then finally I wiped the brush and applied Lyra. I dusted this all over the cheekbone. All that was left to do was remove the sticker to reveal my rainbow highlight. The stickers corners do sometimes peel up during this process so I just stuck them back down. I am very happy with the overall outcome as you can tell there is star shapes blank and a rainbow, unicorn, mermaid highlight.☀


Onto the second look I decided to create something pink and using hearts. For this look I got my sister Chloe to help me. We created this look using 3 Jeffree Star liquid lips. To start with we created an ombre liner with I’m Nude and Mannequin Liquid Lip. Then she used a small detail brush and used I’m Nude, Daddy and Mannequin all from Jeffree Stars Liquid Lip line to create small hearts on the side of my eye.☀


I really like this look and struggled so hard to get a good picture. Let me know which of these looks is your favourite and tag me if you recreate these looks.☀

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/georgiarae_ofsunshine/

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀


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