☆ Skin Complaints ☆


Everyone always compliments my skin and says you have amazing skin, but in all honesty I am insecure about my skin. A little bit of background about my skin is I have dry, very sensitive eczema prone skin. I have to be really careful what I use and because I am really pale I feel like my face stands out in a crowd on its own. ☀

I have to be-careful about what makeup, skincare and what I eat and it can all flare up my skin. I am not able to use face wipes as I have an allergic reactions and my skin become sensitive, blotchy, swells up and becomes so sore. ☀

I wanted to keep this post as raw as real life. Days and weeks my skin is fine but sometimes then my skin takes a turn for the worst and water, sweat and face cream kills and burns. I struggle like everyone but not all the time.☀

I use water and a gentle Bobbi Brow lathering face soap cleanser, cool water and a flannel, then apply lots of hydro-cortisone cream on my face and neck. When bad flares up I have to apply the cream multiple times a day. Also when these days come up I can’t wear any makeup as it is itchy and makes me worse.☀

So here are some sore pictures of my skin from the beginning of the month. I hope this helps some of you.☀

My skin doesn’t look bad in the photos  but it was very sore, In the second set of photos my skin had calmed down a bit. A few hours after it of waking up.☀

Let me know any issues you have with your skin and products you use to get them back to normal.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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