☆ Pros and Cons Of Owning A Car ☆


I  thought about this post for a long time before publishing. The pros and cons of owning a car. Obviously there are many pros to owning a car and thats all that people talk about. But to be honest there are a few cons too. I love my car and driving don’t get me wrong but I wish I was a bit more aware about hidden costs that come with owning a car. ☀

Lets start off with a positive I love my car and I love driving. It gives me freedom to do and go wherever I want. I love driving and think it is the most expensive skill you learn but is the best one.☀


Let start with costs we all know about. First of all is the cost of the car whether you buy it out, have finance or a loan they are expensive machines. Next is insurance very expensive but it is the law to have it and every year if you drive well it lowers in costs. Tax which you pay every year mine is only £30, Mot to ensure the car is road worthy is about £50 – £70. Petrol every week I fill up my car my full tank is £30, but it seems expensive when actually if I travelled everywhere on public transport it would be equal or even more money. ☀

Also services you are meant to have a service every year and they can range from £100 to around £300 depending on the car. Then like with every item wear and tear so whether that be brakes and discs which are expensive, light-bulbs, windscreen wipers which I have just replaced mine.☀

Finally lets move onto tyres. I was very unlucky but some might say lucky it is coming up to owning my car two years and I have only had 4 tyres. But I did get them all in a short space of time. What you are not told is you should always have some savings for new tyres as they can happen at anytime. Plus mine are not cheap as I like to match up all my tyre they cost £72.☀


I don’t want this post to be too negative as I love my car and using it I just want to make people aware of all the other costs added on-top. Driving is the best thing I have done in my life and I love having freedom. I always drive and am like a taxi to my sister if we go out. I don’t drink alcohol so I always drive.☀

Let me know any pros or cons you have about owning a car.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

5 thoughts on “☆ Pros and Cons Of Owning A Car ☆

  1. I also have a fiat 500 and I love her to death but omg she’s expensive to run! Breakdown cover isn’t cheap either, so many hidden costs you don’t think about until you start driving. My service last year was about £250 quid and it’s coming up to that time again. But what I find worst is all my payments seem to be at the same time as you open all the accounts at the same time when you first learn to drive so my insurance, road tax and breakdown cover are all within the same month which can be quite difficult sometimes 🙈


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