☆ Night time routine ☆


I have never been a lover of skincare but it does go hand in hand making your makeup look amazing. Skincare also can help you too look young and youthful.☀

To be honest I never use makeup wipes as when I was a teenager I had an allergic reaction to them and my skin went blotchy, puffy and very sore. Water and air would even hurt it. So I am very careful with what I use I can easily react. If you don’t know by now my skin is very sensitive, dry and I have eczema.☀

Even now when I become lazy and super tired I try to use them but suffer the consequences for the next few days. So for me I always use micellar water and then a face wash. I double cleanse because  I wear a bit of makeup, go to the gym regularly and sweat a lot and also to help preserve good skin.☀

Image result for mario badescu seaweed cleansing lotion

I admit only once have I been so tired after travelling 10 hours in a day and getting into bed at 3am did I sleep in my makeup. But I will never let that happen again. I woke up feeling so rough and my skin hated me and I had to deal with the consequences for about 3 days.☀

While washing my face I use my Foreo Luna Play manually and then use a warm wash cloth to remove the cleanser off my skin. I go over my skin between 2-3 times with the wash cloth to ensure my skin is clean. Then I will dry with tissue and apply a small amount of Aveeno moisturiser to my neck and face.☀

After washing my face I brush my teeth with my electric toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash, before finishing the last step.☀

I also use caster oil and a cotton bud to massage the product into my brows and this helps them to grow. I ensure I use the cotton bud to rub the product against and towards the way the hair grows so it is fully smothered. I have only been doing this about a month and a half but the results are amazing.☀

Image result for castor oil

Let me know what products and rituals you do at nighttime.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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