☆ Caster Oil My Eyebrow ☆


When my sister last got her eyebrows threaded she was so upset as the lady did not listen to her and made them thin and uneven. So after she had a little cry about them she started researching ways to grow them naturally. Lots of people recommend rubbing Caster oil on them at night. So then she order some off Amazon and started try to re grow them. ☀

After a few days she started to see results, so one evening I decided to give it a try. I am trying my hardest to do it most nights to see the full effect. The issues I have with my eyebrows are they are sparse and don’t really have a shape. So i pluck them to my desired shape.☀

I dip a cotton bud in the oil and rub in into my eyebrows I ensure to rub it towards and away the direction of the brows. I use the cotton bud to really massage it in. After a few days I started to see results and am going to try my best to keep doing this.☀

I have a few pictures showing the journey of growth of my eyebrows.☀

This is day one of when I started Caster Oiling my eyebrows. This is the first evening I applied the oil. The pictures don’t really do the process justice. But I am super happy with the results. Sometimes I forget to oil them at night but when I do remember I love the results. So anyone looking to regrow their eyebrows should defiantly give it a go. ☀

This is after a few weeks applying the oil. I did try to do it mainly 6 days a week. I am happy with the results but I feel like they look fuller and better in real life than captured here.☀

My sister and I had even considered having our eyebrows Micro bladed to add shape and more definition to the hairs so they don’t look as sparse. I will defiantly let you know how I get on with growing them with Caster oil and if I do get them micro bladed.☀

Let me know if you have tried this technique or are going to give it a go.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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