☆ Anastasia Beverley Hills Lip-gloss ☆


I put myself on a spending ban but unfortunalty it did not work when I saw the ABH summer collection. Everything looked so dreamy and gorgeous. So I limited myself to one product. I choose the ABH lip-gloss in Moonjelly. Not only do I love the name, the shade is so pretty.☀


The swatches online look stunning, and when I received it in the post I screamed like a little child. The excitement was real. I ensured to get some nice pictures before swatching the product. On first swatch I feel in love. It is stunning.☀


This picture has the flash on, I would say it is more subtle in natural light but so beautiful on the lips.

A clear gloss, with duo chrome shift to pink, blue with little flecks of glitter in. Immediately I had it on my lips and was so in love in it. You can’t feel the glitter on your lips through the gloss which is nice. The only thing I don’t like about the gloss is when its windy my hair gets stuck in it, but unfortunalty there is no way round eliminating this unless I wear gloss. ☀

I really feel like this is such an amazing gloss formula and colour so defiantly recommend anyone to try the gloss formula. But to be honest I love everything I own from Anastasia so really recommend. ☀

Let me know of you have tried any Anastasia Lip glosses and your thoughts. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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