☆ New Tattoo ☆


When I had my last tattoo in March for my birthday I booked one more tattoo. I don’t just think of an idea and think let me put that on my body I have to think about how much I love it, the placement and if it will  be a timeless piece for me as it will be on my body forever.☀

This was a tattoo that I had seen floating around the internet for years but I still loved it so I got my Tattoo artist Abi @abihacktattoo to design me a feather. I gave her some inspiration pictures of feathers and other tattoos I liked and she came up with the design. There were a few changes made to the design, to do with the wording and having to flip the tattoo because of the placement on my body.☀

The placement on my body I originally had wanted above the crease of my arm, but apparently that placement is really painful and I did want to jeopardise my career, so I opted for my rib. I choose my left rib to balance out with the other tattoos on my body. It is placed about an inch down from where your bra sits on your body and is placed so it is directly on my side. ☀


The pain was not too bad, I was very conscience of breathing as you have to stay very still for a tattoo but Abi said I did well. I mean I could feel it and most of it was just like the pain of a normal tattoo, but over so places over the bone it really did hurt it felt like my whole body was vibrating and she was tattooing the bone. I would say if you are having a rib tattoo you need to prepare yourself think it will be really bad but when having it isn’t as bad.☀

Out of a scale of 1 to 10 of pain 10 being the worst, most of it was about a 4 and some places a 6. Compare to my other tattoos my finger was the worst as their is hardly any skin there and my left ankle.☀

I would defiantly recommend Abi she is amazing and all her work is dreamy. She is super friendly but does get booked up as her work is stunning. Please check her out.☀

Her instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/abihacktattoo/

The shops instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/theinterbellumtattoolounge/?hl=en

The shop is in Essex Billericay and I have travelled to see her for all my tattoos. I drive and it takes me an hour and a half each way but there is a train station right by the shop. But her work is amazing so worth the travel. You have to think a tattoo is on you for life so the cost and travel time is nothing really.☀

Let me know if you have got any new tattoos recently or if you are planning one.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

4 thoughts on “☆ New Tattoo ☆

      1. I want a simple cat outline, for sure! And they’re a so many others I want I’m not sure which one to go for yet🙈xo


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