☆ Honest Me ☆


I have been inspired by the lovely Carly Rowena on youtube to do a very raw, honest update about me. By all means I am not saying I am not honest I am just saying I will be showing you all some of me I haven’t shown a lot of people before.☀


My name is Georgia Rae and I am in my 19th year of life. Life has not always been easy, but who am I kidding no one has it easy. In my life I have cried, laughed, jumped and done crazy dancing and am so thankful for my body allowing me to be able to do this. I am so thankful to be alive today and all I want to do is share positivity and have fun.☀

I am 4ft 11inchs tall and am extremely pale. I am always the shortest and palest person to walk into a room. But what you look like doesn’t just count. I have a great personality and am able to make people smile even when life is tough. I don’t have much feeling in my right ankle because when I was in high school I broke my ankle in pe on a trampoline. I will thank my mum for the rest of my life for helping to look after me and be my taxi for 6 months. I had a huge bruise under my chin while I had this injury and it always got pointed out.☀


I have stretch marks like everyone one all over back as a teenager I fluctuated between sizes. At the minute I am between as size 10-12. I have a birth mark on my right side on my stomach which i have grown to love. I feel like it is a part of me and I feel I am proud of it. ☀


I have worn glasses for a while now but when I was younger about 4 I wore them for 2 years to help correct my vision, so I would have to wear them later in my life. This helped correct my vision but when I was 15 I got them back again for mainly distance. Now I wear them most of the time and I love wearing them. ☀

I have 6 tattoos and I love all of them. They were done amazing by @abihacktattoo. I have a tattoo on my left ankle, right ankle, right thigh, left rib, middle of my back and my right ring finger. I have always struggled with piercings I have my ears done about 7 times only my first and second holes, but they got stuck, my body rejected them and now I am allergic to piercing.☀

Hay-fever and eczema are the pain of my life. If its not one its the other. Eczema is something I have struggled with my whole life I get really bad flare ups and was even under a specialist at the hospital. I struggle with it now on my face, hands, feet, legs and arms. I keep it under control with moisturiser and steroid creams. Hay-fever is so annoying whether it is my noise constantly running or needing to blow, allergic reactions on my face, itchy eyes. I spend what feels like hours blowing my nose.☀

I also have a piece lead from a pencil in the middle of my head. This was caused when my sister and I were running round Ikea, I was holding a pencil and fell over. I now have a piece of lead stuck in my head. I used to hate it but now I have grown to love it and it is a part of me which is a memory of my childhood. ☀


Me as a person- I am organised and very good at time keeping, I would rather be a day early than a minute late. I love makeup and hair. I love getting ready but I dont do that everyday only some days. I am happy in my own skin now, I am not perfect but am learning to love myself all flaws and all.☀

Let me know if you liked this post.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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