☆ Gym Update ☆


So I have been going to the gym for over three months and I love it! I find myself most happiest when I am there, and have made good relationships with the personal trainers. On my exercise plan I have been exercising from October and still exercising 5-6 times a week.☀

I have started to see a difference with my legs my calves look slimmer and my upper thighs looked more toned. I love working out as it releases endorphin’s and makes me feel happy. I love being active. I am have become so much stronger over time.☀


Being short isn’t easy as you can always tell when you have put on weight and it doesn’t sit well on me. ☀

On some days I do classes, On Sundays and Mondays I do boxing which I love as I have learnt more of the techniques like how to stand, where to put your hands and moving around by pivoting.☀

My gym is a 24 hour gym so I always find time to go. Whether its for 30 minutes or an hour I love staying active and moving around. When I train on my own I like to do some cardio on machines and then do some weights. Either at the beginning or end of my workout I will do my own thing whether that be skipping or trying to practice exercises like push up or mountains climbs plus what i dread the most jumping squats. ☀

I have made loads of new friends at my gym as well and all the personal trainers are so lovely and encourage you. I would defiantly recommend people to go and check out their local gym and if you want to join. I love the GYM!

I love going to the gym and sometimes even my sister will join me. The gym is a 20 minute drive away from my house and has free parking. The gym is always so clean and very bright which I love.☀

Let me know if you go to th gym and if you have a routine.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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