☆ My Single eye-shadow palette ☆


For today’s blogpost I thought I would go over my single eye shadow palette as I haven’t in a post yet. To start with I only own Makeup geek and one coloured raine eye shadow, this is because I own some palettes including Anastasia Modern Ressiance, Too Faced sweet Peach palette and a few limited edition Bobbi Brown Palettes.☀

I own a large Z palette as I got it for a Christmas present last year and my mum picked it up in the black Friday sale on Beauty Bay. I would of been happy with a small or medium one but she thought a big one was best value and incase I decided to grow my collection.☀


To start with my Makeup Geek shadows are amazing starting at just £6 the pack such a punch in the game. They are so creamy, pigmented and easy to blend. I love them so much and are one of my favourite formulas. They don’t have much fall out. The shimmer shades are amazing but if you want to be blown away try a foiled shadow. FIRE right their they are about £9 but well worth it and act so much better than my high end eyeshadows.☀


In the picture I have 8 eye shadows of which 7 are Makeup geek. 2 are matte, 1 a sheen, 1 shimmer and 4 foiled shadows. The final shadow is a Coloured Raine shadow called Chameleon it is a light purple shadow which has a pink blue shift. It is beautiful and I love wearing it to brighten up an eye look. If you don’t know me by now I love being unique and a it out the box with my makeup. I will be the girl in the room with purple eye shadow and a blue highlighter. ☀



In the pictures the photo on left is no flash and the photo on the right are flash photos. The top pictures shades are Makeup Geek Whimsical, Twilight, Starry-eyed, mesmerised and unexpected. The bottom photos are Coloured Raine Chameleon, Makeup Geek Faux Fur, Bake Sale and finally Luna.☀

Let me know your favourite single eyeshadows from any brand.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

2 thoughts on “☆ My Single eye-shadow palette ☆

  1. Love your palette! And I love customizable palettes. It’s the only way I really use every shadow in one!
    Looking forward to your future content.
    Stop by my space sometime,
    femmerewritten.com ✨🌻


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