☆ Tattoo Tour ☆


Today I thought I would go into a tour of all my tattoos I have done post when I have recently go them done and they are fresh. But I thought I would do a round up of all the Tattoos I have and go over the meanings of them all.☀

So all together I have 6 tattoos but if you saw me in the street you wouldn’t be able to guess I have any as they are all in discrete places.☀

Number one is an elephant on  my right ankle I got this a week after I turned 18. Elephants are an animal I love and my grandad loved aswell so I got this as a bit of a tribute to him. The pain was strange as it was my first tattoo, but it was on my bone and only hurt a little bit as about 5 years earlier I had broke a bone in my right ankle.☀


I got my second and third tattoo at the same time in august 2016. I got a matching tattoo with my mum and sister as my mum always writes in out cards ” Love you to the moon, stars and back again” on my left ankle and I got an infinity sign on my right ring finger. I love the infinity sign and what it stands for so go it. ☀


Number four was a lotus I got on my back just above where your bra strap sits I got this in November 2016 as an early Christmas present. I got a lotus as I love what they stand for the rebirth of something. They grow up through some up dirt and turn into a beautiful flower. I go this in dot-work and it was my first tattoo that wasn’t just an outline. The pain wasn’t too bad. ☀


My fifth tattoo was in March 2017 it was for my birthday present. I got an orchid stem with two butterflies on my right thigh. This tattoo took about 1 hour to an hour and a half. It has some shading and dot-work in and is my biggest tattoo. I got an orchid as they are my favourite flower and look so beautiful and I got two butterflies as I think they are so beautiful.☀


My final tattoo I got in May 2017, It is a feather on my left rib which says Wish… underneath. I love feathers and think they are so beautiful. I really did think about this tattoo for a long time before getting it and love it so much.☀


I am happy and content with all my tattoos now. In the future if I have children which I would love I would get their names on me as they are so precious. I did think about all my tattoos for around 3 years before I got them as I know they are permanent and on me forever.☀

All my Tattoos have been done by Abi at The Interbellum Tattoo lounge, details down below. She is an amazing artist.☀

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/abihacktattoo/

Shop Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/theinterbellumtattoolounge/?hl=en

Let me know if you have any tattoos and what they are.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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