☆ Adele Concert ☆


As a surprise my Mum got me Adele tickets. At the beginning of the year I tried so hard to get Adele tickets on pre sale and when they were official released but I couldn’t get my hands on them. Then just before my sister went away on holiday to Dominican Republic, and the night I got back from Meeting Carly. I wasn’t having the best day and I remember I was sitting on the sofa eating an ice cream and my feelings and my Mum gave me this postcard. ☀

I was so tired I missed the first line, they made me read it aloud, a few lines in I knew what they had done. They had only gone and got me Adele tickets in secret. After all my hard work of trying to get them, they already had them in secret. I was so happy and overwhelmed with the kindness they had gone to, to cheer me up. ☀


I can’t believe the amount of effort my mum had gone to, to make me feel special and enjoy myself. I appreciate her so much she has been like a strong mother elephant giving me guidance and reassuring me when I have doubts.☀

So on the day of the Adele concert we all slowly started to get ready taking it in turn to shower, do our hair, do our makeup and of course get some pictures. We all travelled together on the Northern Line up to Wembley where OMG I had never seen so many people. It was heaving. It took a while to queue up, get our tickets checked, check our bags and be patted down. We arrived to our seats, got some food and got ready for her to come on. She tricked us all by sending a stage box up and down to the stage as it is her secret thats she travels in a stage box. But she surprised us all by just casually walking in and singing Hello. ☀

The night was amazing and one I will never forget. She sung loads of amazing songs and my favourite Chasing Pavements which I happily sung along to. She chatted in between songs and just reminded everyone how she is exactly like us talking and swearing a lot. She didn’t have a support act well she’s Adele and doesn’t need one. She sung for about 2 hours.☀

Adele’s concert was amazing and I loved it so much. There are rumours she isn’t doing any other tours, but if she does in the future I would really recommend her she is amazing.☀

I understand since I have been she had to cancel her last two London dates due to her throat being very sore which I understand. I hope she can reschedule the dates and win back her fans as their was a bit of negativity online. But what we all must remember is she is only 29 years old and a mum who wants to spend time with her child and be a mummy. Its been a week since I saw her and I am still obsessed and so Thankful for the opportunity to go and see her live.☀

Let me know what concerts you are going to soon.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

7 thoughts on “☆ Adele Concert ☆

  1. Adele is someone I would love too see, but like you have experienced the tickets are just so hard to get hold of! I am so glad you managed to experience her live, and had the best time! Your pictures are amazing.xo

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