☆ Primark Haul ☆


I popped into Primark the other week with my sister before she went on holiday just to pick up a few basics, and while I was there I saw some great pieces I had to have including finally getting my hands on the Chip Purse mug.☀


G light is from Next, Chip cup from Disney store, Chip purse from Primark and Disney tsum tsum Lumiere from Disney store.☀

I picked up a few cute cheap tops, which I can wear to the gym as I need a few more tops. I like vests for hot weather to help keep me cool, but when its a day when raining or in the evening I like to wear tops to keep a bit warm.☀


To start with I picked up this super cute chip t shirt. ☀


Next I picked this aqua vest top which was only £2.50, I love it because it says Hawaii and has super cute drawings on. This vest attracted my attention as it was aqua and had a water melon on. I knew it would be quick, easy and handy for the gym so just picked it up. ☀

I also found this top which I had seen online everywhere. It is so cute. Marie is popping out the top of the pocket and on the pocket the words read “Because I am a lady that’s why”. Super cute, soft and very comfortable. ☀


I also managed to pick up this beautiful grey top which has little pearls and crystal embellishments on the chest and shoulder area. It is very beautiful. I love pairing it with jeans as its just is a nice accent to an outfit.☀


Finally I picked up this light pink long vest top with a beautiful rose and mandala inspired print. It is sheer and light weight so great for the gym. ☀

Let me know if you have picked any new bits recently. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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