☆ Stretch Marks ☆


We all have them right? So what’s the issue. I love and have always referred to them as tiger stripes of life. They show how you have grown and have become the person you are today.☀

Well like everyone I am normal and have them moments when I think I haven’t had my children yet and I have quite a lot. Stretch marks are marks that are left when the skin has been stretched and returns to its original position. These are usually left due to us humans gaining and loosing weight.☀

I have a lot around my hips and back area. This is due to weight I have had and lost over time. We all have them and I do love them but when having a bad body day,  I think they are a flaw that I would prefer if they were less obvious.  ☀

There are solutions to help reduce them like Bio- Oil and laser therapy but most of the time I don’t have an issue but on a day when I have self doubt I struggle to deal with them. I am human like all of us and we all have our struggles whether that be wishing we were thinner, taller, have bigger or smaller boobs, bigger bum. So what I am trying to get out of this post is to spread positivity and to love your flaws and all. ☀

I hope you can all relate to this post and if you want to chat we can talk in the comments.  ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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