☆ Eczema ☆


I have touched on this subject before in a blogpost, but eczema is a huge part of my life. I have had it since I was born. I have tried so many different creams and even been under the hospital skin clinic for it.☀

Eczema is essentially a form of dermatitis, it is were skin can become itchy,  red, dry and the skin can become cracked. So to keep on top of my eczema I exfoliate regularly and ensure I cream my skin a lot. For moisturiser for a while now I have used Aveeno. Then when my skin become worse I use either eumovate ( a steroid cream for less serve flare ups) or Dermovate ( a steroid cream for serve flare ups).   ☀

When using these creams I always apply Aveeno a normal moisturiser first then apply a steroid moisturiser if I have too. I then wrap my hands in clingfilm and put in cotton socks.  The clingfilm came about as I was struggling really bad and my mum was looking into alternatives. By wrapping the affected area in clingfilm it can only soak into the skin. Whereas if I was to use just a moisturiser and cotton socks, most of the cream would be absorbed by the cotton socks.☀

Every night I have to cream my hands as they get very dry and sometimes crack. Also to keep on top of them as I love going to the gym but when my hands sweat a lot they can become sore from lifting weights and holding onto machines. ☀

The steroid creams I get from my doctor as they are medicated creams I get them on a prescription. But you can get the moisturiser from Tesco’s, Boots, Superdrug or chemist sell them. ☀

Let me know if thus post has helped you in anyway whether it be understanding eczema more, or learning about creams which could essentially help you if you suffer from eczema.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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