☆ Moment of Madness ☆


I love Social media and the positivity it brings in to people’s life and can even turn into jobs for people. But unfortunately I do understand the pressures of social media. I am 19 and next year turn 20 and I had a meltdown. I love the people I follow there are so positive and inspirational.☀

But all of a sudden I felt not in control. I had a meltdown as I felt so much pressure turning 20 like I had a lot more responsibilities that I do as I am not a teenager anymore and in all situations classed as an adult. ☀

Everyone I follow is getting engaged, getting married, having babies and making amazing leaps in their life to build a great future. And I felt as if I was sitting here just not accomplish anything as my perfectionist trate slipped in. ☀

I had a good chat with my mum of how I was feeling and she always reassures me of everything. I made a list of everything I have achieved at the age I am at, then I also made a list of things I would like to accomplish with in the next year.☀

I would love to have children when I am older and be in a stable relationship, but marriage is something I have always struggled with. I personally don’t won’t to get married and feel having a ring, piece of paper and promise means nothing, because if someone wants to do something they will. It’s nothing you can stop or have control over.☀

So where I am in my life I have accomplished:

11 GCSEs grade b and c

I passed my driving test

Volunteer with two amazing charities

I am a level 2 qualified hairdresser

I am £521 away from owning my car



Goals for the next year:

Pay off and upgrade my car

Visit longleat zoo

Buy a desinger pair of shoes

I understand life isn’t just about materialistic things but they are nice to have. It’s is an amazing reminder of the hard work and deformation you put in to achieve things. So I have experiences on the list to so I have memories and pictures of amazing times. ☀

Let me know your thoughts on feeling pressure from social media. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

2 thoughts on “☆ Moment of Madness ☆

  1. I know exactly how you feel! I turn 20 next year and still feel like I’ve not accomplished anything or done a lot with my life. But I have also set myself goals, so hopefully we both achieve ours x


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