☆ About Me ☆

☆ About Me ☆

I am 19 year old girl called Georgia who has started this blog with the help of my sister Chloe. I draft the posts and write them up and Chloe helps me proof read them and take the photos as she is very creative and has eye for detail.

I will try to upload posts every-other day. I plan my posts and ideas in a notebook and then transfer them on to my laptop where they become a reality. I am very organised so when I have spare time I will be glued to my computer, writing, scheduling and planning the next posts. I like to spend a day or so on the computer writing all my posts and scheduling them so I don’t worry or panic about not having any content.

I have a huge passion and love for makeup, beauty and hair so most of my posts will be about these topics but dont worry every so often I will mix it up; and tell you about my love for my baby (my fiat 500! ;0), flowers, Disney and day to day things I find helpful.

I also have two grey tortoise shell tabby cats called Coco and Chanel who are my world and obsession with the queen (B) Beyonce as she is such an amazing, spiritual, inspirational women. Her views and songs are just amazing and I love her ethos about being strong, independent women.

My instagram: georgiarae_ofsunshine

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀