☆ New Tattoo ☆


When I had my last tattoo in March for my birthday I booked one more tattoo. I don’t just think of an idea and think let me put that on my body I have to think about how much I love it, the placement and if it will  be a timeless piece for me as it will be on my body forever.☀

This was a tattoo that I had seen floating around the internet for years but I still loved it so I got my Tattoo artist Abi @abihacktattoo to design me a feather. I gave her some inspiration pictures of feathers and other tattoos I liked and she came up with the design. There were a few changes made to the design, to do with the wording and having to flip the tattoo because of the placement on my body.☀

The placement on my body I originally had wanted above the crease of my arm, but apparently that placement is really painful and I did want to jeopardise my career, so I opted for my rib. I choose my left rib to balance out with the other tattoos on my body. It is placed about an inch down from where your bra sits on your body and is placed so it is directly on my side. ☀


The pain was not too bad, I was very conscience of breathing as you have to stay very still for a tattoo but Abi said I did well. I mean I could feel it and most of it was just like the pain of a normal tattoo, but over so places over the bone it really did hurt it felt like my whole body was vibrating and she was tattooing the bone. I would say if you are having a rib tattoo you need to prepare yourself think it will be really bad but when having it isn’t as bad.☀

Out of a scale of 1 to 10 of pain 10 being the worst, most of it was about a 4 and some places a 6. Compare to my other tattoos my finger was the worst as their is hardly any skin there and my left ankle.☀

I would defiantly recommend Abi she is amazing and all her work is dreamy. She is super friendly but does get booked up as her work is stunning. Please check her out.☀

Her instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/abihacktattoo/

The shops instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/theinterbellumtattoolounge/?hl=en

The shop is in Essex Billericay and I have travelled to see her for all my tattoos. I drive and it takes me an hour and a half each way but there is a train station right by the shop. But her work is amazing so worth the travel. You have to think a tattoo is on you for life so the cost and travel time is nothing really.☀

Let me know if you have got any new tattoos recently or if you are planning one.☀

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☆ Anastasia Beverley Hills Lip-gloss ☆


I put myself on a spending ban but unfortunalty it did not work when I saw the ABH summer collection. Everything looked so dreamy and gorgeous. So I limited myself to one product. I choose the ABH lip-gloss in Moonjelly. Not only do I love the name, the shade is so pretty.☀


The swatches online look stunning, and when I received it in the post I screamed like a little child. The excitement was real. I ensured to get some nice pictures before swatching the product. On first swatch I feel in love. It is stunning.☀


This picture has the flash on, I would say it is more subtle in natural light but so beautiful on the lips.

A clear gloss, with duo chrome shift to pink, blue with little flecks of glitter in. Immediately I had it on my lips and was so in love in it. You can’t feel the glitter on your lips through the gloss which is nice. The only thing I don’t like about the gloss is when its windy my hair gets stuck in it, but unfortunalty there is no way round eliminating this unless I wear gloss. ☀

I really feel like this is such an amazing gloss formula and colour so defiantly recommend anyone to try the gloss formula. But to be honest I love everything I own from Anastasia so really recommend. ☀

Let me know of you have tried any Anastasia Lip glosses and your thoughts. ☀

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☆ Caster Oil My Eyebrow ☆


When my sister last got her eyebrows threaded she was so upset as the lady did not listen to her and made them thin and uneven. So after she had a little cry about them she started researching ways to grow them naturally. Lots of people recommend rubbing Caster oil on them at night. So then she order some off Amazon and started try to re grow them. ☀

After a few days she started to see results, so one evening I decided to give it a try. I am trying my hardest to do it most nights to see the full effect. The issues I have with my eyebrows are they are sparse and don’t really have a shape. So i pluck them to my desired shape.☀

I dip a cotton bud in the oil and rub in into my eyebrows I ensure to rub it towards and away the direction of the brows. I use the cotton bud to really massage it in. After a few days I started to see results and am going to try my best to keep doing this.☀

I have a few pictures showing the journey of growth of my eyebrows.☀

This is day one of when I started Caster Oiling my eyebrows. This is the first evening I applied the oil. The pictures don’t really do the process justice. But I am super happy with the results. Sometimes I forget to oil them at night but when I do remember I love the results. So anyone looking to regrow their eyebrows should defiantly give it a go. ☀

This is after a few weeks applying the oil. I did try to do it mainly 6 days a week. I am happy with the results but I feel like they look fuller and better in real life than captured here.☀

My sister and I had even considered having our eyebrows Micro bladed to add shape and more definition to the hairs so they don’t look as sparse. I will defiantly let you know how I get on with growing them with Caster oil and if I do get them micro bladed.☀

Let me know if you have tried this technique or are going to give it a go.☀

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☆ The Ordinary Foundation Review ☆


After hearing Wayne Goss talk about this brand and their newly released foundations. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to try it. My sister and I both ordered some shades off their website. In Wayne’s description box he did translate the shades in his opinion closet to Mac foundation shades. I have personally never tried any Mac foundations so I just guessed my colour, whereas my sister used to use Mac pro long-wear concealer in NC15.☀


We bought the foundations and they were extremely affordable. Coming over to just £5 each. We also bought another primer and serum to be able to get free shipping. The shipping took 2 weeks which was a bit annoying as we were both eager to try it out. But as the company is still a small company its understandable. ☀

When the parcel arrived we opened it and swatched the colours. Considering we matched the colours online we did amazingly. The undertone we both we for was neutral. Which I think was the right choice. I chose neutral 1.0 and Chloe chose neutral 1.1 and neutral 1.2. She does prefer her foundations slightly darker as she like to look bronze. ☀

Personally the first time I tried the foundation on my face I was blown away. I applied with a Beauty Blender and loved the coverage it gave. I got many compliments on my skin that day and when I said how much it costs people didn’t believe me. I love this foundation so much even more than my Nars Sheer glow which is still amazing. So when my Nars runs out I will not be repurchasing.☀

On the right we have Neutral shade l to r 1.0, 1.1. and 1.2. In the photo on the left the flash is on and it is still 1.0, 1.1. and 1.2.

Other products like powder bronzers, blush and highlight sat on top of this product beautifully and I was so happily surprised. I am defiantly recommending this foundation to everyone. It is amazing and affordable.☀

Chloe my sister really loves the foundation too. As one who usually wears full coverage foundations said it was lovely and it has shown her she can look presentable in 5 minutes rather than and hour.☀

Let me know if you have tried the foundation or any other products from this brand.☀

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☆ Night time routine ☆


I have never been a lover of skincare but it does go hand in hand making your makeup look amazing. Skincare also can help you too look young and youthful.☀

To be honest I never use makeup wipes as when I was a teenager I had an allergic reaction to them and my skin went blotchy, puffy and very sore. Water and air would even hurt it. So I am very careful with what I use I can easily react. If you don’t know by now my skin is very sensitive, dry and I have eczema.☀

Even now when I become lazy and super tired I try to use them but suffer the consequences for the next few days. So for me I always use micellar water and then a face wash. I double cleanse because  I wear a bit of makeup, go to the gym regularly and sweat a lot and also to help preserve good skin.☀

Image result for mario badescu seaweed cleansing lotion

I admit only once have I been so tired after travelling 10 hours in a day and getting into bed at 3am did I sleep in my makeup. But I will never let that happen again. I woke up feeling so rough and my skin hated me and I had to deal with the consequences for about 3 days.☀

While washing my face I use my Foreo Luna Play manually and then use a warm wash cloth to remove the cleanser off my skin. I go over my skin between 2-3 times with the wash cloth to ensure my skin is clean. Then I will dry with tissue and apply a small amount of Aveeno moisturiser to my neck and face.☀

After washing my face I brush my teeth with my electric toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash, before finishing the last step.☀

I also use caster oil and a cotton bud to massage the product into my brows and this helps them to grow. I ensure I use the cotton bud to rub the product against and towards the way the hair grows so it is fully smothered. I have only been doing this about a month and a half but the results are amazing.☀

Image result for castor oil

Let me know what products and rituals you do at nighttime.☀

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☆ Beauty Brands Update ☆


Hey everyone so today’s blogpost I thought I would go into a bit of an explanation of what Beauty brands and skincare I am using.☀

So to start with I love animals so much and I am a vegetarian, So the next move I knew I wanted to take was to go cruelty free with all with my makeup and skincare. In the media recently people have been bringing up that brands are cruelty free but their parent company are not. In a world that is filled with so much information it is so it can become confusing and everyone contradicts each other.☀

I have done a lot of research about which brands are cruelty free so I thought I would list which brands I will be using from now on. I do own products from non cruelty brands but since I have already bought them and in so many words supported the brand I will just use them up and not re purchase. I would to stop using them but I can’t afford all new no cruelty free products.☀


Brands and companies I will be supporting from now on for makeup is Makeup Geek, Jeffree Star, Nars, Kat Von D, Tarte, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Becca and Gerard Cosmetics. For skincare I will be supporting Mario Badescu and The Ordinary. ☀

Let me know your thoughts on cruelty free brands and brands I have missed off my list that I should try out.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Pros and Cons Of Owning A Car ☆


I  thought about this post for a long time before publishing. The pros and cons of owning a car. Obviously there are many pros to owning a car and thats all that people talk about. But to be honest there are a few cons too. I love my car and driving don’t get me wrong but I wish I was a bit more aware about hidden costs that come with owning a car. ☀

Lets start off with a positive I love my car and I love driving. It gives me freedom to do and go wherever I want. I love driving and think it is the most expensive skill you learn but is the best one.☀


Let start with costs we all know about. First of all is the cost of the car whether you buy it out, have finance or a loan they are expensive machines. Next is insurance very expensive but it is the law to have it and every year if you drive well it lowers in costs. Tax which you pay every year mine is only £30, Mot to ensure the car is road worthy is about £50 – £70. Petrol every week I fill up my car my full tank is £30, but it seems expensive when actually if I travelled everywhere on public transport it would be equal or even more money. ☀

Also services you are meant to have a service every year and they can range from £100 to around £300 depending on the car. Then like with every item wear and tear so whether that be brakes and discs which are expensive, light-bulbs, windscreen wipers which I have just replaced mine.☀

Finally lets move onto tyres. I was very unlucky but some might say lucky it is coming up to owning my car two years and I have only had 4 tyres. But I did get them all in a short space of time. What you are not told is you should always have some savings for new tyres as they can happen at anytime. Plus mine are not cheap as I like to match up all my tyre they cost £72.☀


I don’t want this post to be too negative as I love my car and using it I just want to make people aware of all the other costs added on-top. Driving is the best thing I have done in my life and I love having freedom. I always drive and am like a taxi to my sister if we go out. I don’t drink alcohol so I always drive.☀

Let me know any pros or cons you have about owning a car.☀

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