☆ Stationary haul ☆


Staying organised is something I am very good at and take pride in. By being organised I can run my life easily and avoided clashes of events day to day. I had been looking for a weekly planner for me to keep at home but lots of them were expensive and done monthly.☀

My mum surprised me with some presents one day when I had got home from work. They were wrapped in paper and I had no idea what she had for me. When opened them I was so surprised and in LOVE with all items.☀


As many of you know I love quotes and anything to do with the moon and stars. So these items were right up my street. As soon as I opened the items I started using them and am still now.☀

All items were purchased from Sainsburys and surprising affordable with the most expensive item costing £4. ☀

My mum was very thoughtful and I thank her so much for everything she does for me. So if there’s one thing to take away from this post is remember to do small acts of kindness to make someones day. ☀

Let me know if you have picked anything new up recently.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Covent Garden Guide ☆


Last month I visited Covent Garden and loved it so much. I have been really busy at the minute so haven’t published my guide. So here is my slightly delayed tour guide to Covent Garden. I hope you enjoy. ☀

Covent Garden is a wonderful area, it is filled with lots of roads and passage ways filled with shops and amazing restaurants. So here are some of my favourite parts highlighted.☀

Little positive quote wall down an alley leading to Home-slice.☀

Skinny Dip an amazing shop filled with stationary, phone cases and key rings. Filled with goods everyone will want to buy. This shop is beautiful, it has a photo-booth, balloons and has great music playing. ☀

My highlight was defiantly Milk Train. An amazing ice cream cafe were dreams come true, the most instagramable food ever. The queue is long, but so worth it. We haven’t stopped talking about how amazing it was. We felt like princesses eating this beauty. ☀

Filled with an amazing atmosphere, Home slice does lovely pizzas. Buy pizza by the slice, or get at 20 inch pizza to share. ☀


I also loved the street artist, I still do not understand how they work, but I think they are so cool. I do feel sorry for them having to wash all the paint off everyday. ☀

Finally other places I would recommend in Covent Garden is 3INA a lovely makeup shop with affordable prices and the brand is cruelty free, Shake Shack an amazing restaurant with crinkly fries and burgers and Deciem’s The ordinary shop for amazing skincare and makeup.

Let me know of your favourite places to visit in London.☀

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☆ Life After Education ☆


Feeling a bit lost or unsure of life. With this world we live in doubts always creep in to our heads even when we try to block them out. Whether it be comparing ourselves to others or trying to think outside the box, we can all struggle form time to time.☀

I went to a school that was extremely strict and all that was drilled into you was having to pass your GCSES. Now I am not saying GCSES aren’t important because they are but they the end of the world. It was drilled into us at school that you had failed if you didn’t get a C. But if you put in hard work and determination that’s all anyone can ask of you. ☀

IMG_6753 - Copy

I know many people including myself who didn’t do A levels or go to Uni and still have an amazing life. If your choice of work doesn’t require you to do these qualifications don’t do them because you feel you need to or because everyone else is. Do what works for you and feels right. ☀

To round this post up, education is important but it is not the end of the world. It is a stepping stone to help you achieve where you want to go in life. Don’t feel like you have to tick a box to succeed in life. ☀

Let me know your thoughts on education.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀


☆ Visiting Deen City Farm ☆


I went to my local farm one week to visit the animals. I have mixed feelings about farms and animal centres. I like going to visit them to see the animals which I cant have as pets. But on the other hand I feel sad as they are enclosed in all day and can’t have a free life. They also have screaming children around them all the time which my must be quite annoying to them.☀

At my local farm you can feed the goats and sheep with feed for 50p but they have machines that stop giving out food so they can’t be over fed in a day. Which I think is good. Then in another area of the farm at certain times of the day you can sit in an enclosure with the animals and stroke and hold them. Which was my favourite part.☀

I was very scared to do this as you could go in with 3 different animals, the first set of animals were guinea pigs, the second rabbits and the third ferrets. Which I found most scary. They were all very soft and calm which I loved as I adore animals.☀

I love visiting the animals as they are so cute and animals will always hold a close meaning to my heart.☀

Let me know if you have been to your local farm on animal rescue centre recently.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ My Microblading Experience ☆


After struggling with my eyebrows for many years. I saw microblading becoming popular so was intrigued. I struggle to shape my eyebrows and ensure they look good and compliment my face. I have had my eyebrows threaded before but my eyebrow lady went away so my sister has been helping me keep them in shape.☀


The lady I was interested in doing my eyebrows is called Nez Hasen on Instagram. She does microblading and has done quite a few bloggers brows. I did contact her about getting an appointment a few months ago and she was booking April 2018 but now she is booking November 2018. I saw on Instagram her teacher and friend was coming to London for a week. So my sister and I contacted her about getting appointments and she had some space which was amazing as the wait was only a week.☀

Adriana was the lady’s name and her Instagram showed us her work. She is amazing and very talented, So our appointments were on the 26th of August and we both had back to back appointments. The travel to the salon was about 1 hour and a half each way. ☀

We both went into the little room and I went first. She started by tweezing and tidying my brows up before she went on to map the shape out. She showed me the shape in the mirror where she had mapped out and she would be only doing small strokes inside to mimic the look of brow hairs. This part took the least time and was not very painful at all. She started by dipping in the instrument in the ink and doing small strokes in my brows. Describing the pain I felt like someone was scraping tweezers against the skin, but what was the off putting part was the sound.☀

She completed one brow then with some ink and the other end of the tool she rubbed the ink into where she had made the incisions. She left that on for a few minutes then wiped it off. Then the next part was where she added the anaesthetic this bit stung as it is going inside a cut but only stung for about a minute. Then she went on to complete the other brow.  After that she went over each brow one more time and it was done. ☀


The producer was quick and when she showed me them in the mirror at the end I said OMG I can’t believe it. My brows look lovely and defined my face well. I was worried as they look dark but they fade 40% in the first two weeks to look more natural but still defined.☀

Then Chloe had her turn and the producer went quick again, she found it a little more uncomfortable than me but she was able to bear it. When she had finished she rubbed the ointment into to the brows with a cotton bud and said to apply it for the first 2 weeks a few times a day.☀

The experience was great and I am so glad I got it done to wake up with more structure to my face.☀

The total cost was £350 which is middle of the range for this producer as microblading starts from £250 and can cost as much as £500. Depending on how our eyebrows heal we may need a small touch up. Adriana did an amazing job and we are both so happy with our eyebrows. I would 100% recommend getting your eyebrows micro-bladed.☀

Let me know if you have got your eyebrows micro-bladed or are thinking about it. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ 3 Ina Eye-shadow Review ☆


3 Ina is a brand that is quite new to me. I discovered it online through beauty bloggers, so when they had a store up Covent Garden we had to go and have a look in. The best part of this store is they have removers, cotton pads, cotton buds and tissues at easy access. So no more ruining clothes with swatches of lipsticks or eyeshadows.☀


The brand is very affordable and is cruelty free which is what I love. We had a good 20 minutes in the store before we found their cream eye shadows which were dreamy. Lovely and sparkly and set down very quickly. Many colours were beautiful but we thought we would try one to start off with.☀

The shade we got was 312 and it was about £8 which is very good. It is not too intense which is something we like, but adds a nice pop to the centre of the lid. Under lights or flash it  really stands out.☀

Photo on the right has flash, second has no flash. Just a small amount of product applied and goes a long way.☀

So on the lid it lasted well and looked amazing. I would defiantly recommend the product and look forward to trying more out from the brand.☀

Let me know if you have tried any 3 INA products and your thoughts on them.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Ordinary Full Coverage Foundation ☆


So over the August Bank Holiday my sister and I visited Covent Garden. We saw the Deciem store and had to go in. We picked up this foundation as we love the light coverage foundation. We picked up the same shades as we have had before. I was really looking forward to trying this out as it is nice for when I want to get fully glam. ☀

When I swatched this foundation in store it blew me away as it covered a lot of my hand. Firstly to be cruelty free is amazing but to also be affordable is even better. ☀

Shade swatched is 1.0n in the full coverage formula. I only put a small amount on my hand and it covered very well so I am looking forward to using it on my face. ☀

Let me know if you have tried any of The Ordinary’s products and your thoughts on them. ☀
Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀