☆Blogmas- Zara Christmas Haul☆


This weekend I popped out to Zara to have a look at some Christmas clothes. As some of you may know by now I love pearls and already own a grey cable knit jumper with pearls on. I saw these items and they weren’t too expensive so tried them on.☀

Top right we have a black t shirt with white pearls in the shape of stars, middle is a grey fleece jumper with white pearls embedded in. Finally on the bottom we have a black fleece jumper with white pearls on. I went for a size medium in these items so they are slightly oversized. I love them so much. ☀

The top was £15 and jumpers were £17.99 each. I love these items and the price is amazing.☀

Let me know if you have picked any new pieces up from Zara recently.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Blogmas- My Christmas Wishlist ☆


For Today’s blogpost I thought I would give you an insight to what is on my Christmas list. This may help you get an idea of gifts, as I have tried to not repeat the same gifts as on my gift guides.☀

  1. On my Wishlist I have put Bambi and Thumper bits from Boots. I love Disney and especially Bambi and Thumper. I am hopefully going to DisneyLand Paris next year so will take these with me. I can use them everyday. The products range in price but are on 3 for 2 with most of the Christmas gifts at Boots right now. ☀

Image result for thumper makeup bag


2. My favourite perfume. YSL Mon Paris. I am running low on both my perfumes but this is my favourite.☀

Image result for ysl mon paris perfume


3. UE Wonderboom Speaker. A pink speaker which I can use to play music from when in the shower, at home or doing a workout at home. ☀

Image result for ue wonderboom pink


4. Emma warren Clothes and Bee Beanie. I love Emma Warren’s designs and all my clothes I already own from her. So I have picked a few of my favourites pieces to include in this post.☀



This is my Christmas list this year. I have choose some items I love. I am not expecting them all or trying to brag and I am just hoping to give you some ideas.☀

Let me know what is on your Christmas Wishlist this year.☀

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So it’s that time of year again Blogmas! This year I have decided to change things up. This year I will be publishing 4 posts a week on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Last year I found it challenging doing a blogpost everyday and still doing things in my everyday life. So this year I have reduced the number of  posts I do, this is to ensure each post contains good content.☀

What you can expect from my blog this year around Blogmas is gift ideas, wishlists, the Christmas lights up London, Making Christmas treats, decorating my tree, Christmas wrapping, Christmas Hot drinks menu and much more. ☀

My two gift guides have gone live at the end of November, I have made two for different gift guides, 20 gifts under £20 and 20 gifts over £20. I do hope you find them helpful, as I have personally choose items I would give and love to receive.☀

I hope you enjoy all of my blogpost this month. Please feel free to comment on my blog-posts and we can chat. I love interacting with all my followers.☀

Good luck with your Christmas shopping and preparations, I hope its not too stressful and you all can take 5 minutes out and try a drink off Costa’s or Starbucks’s Christmas menu.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ The Ordinary Update ☆


After using my sister’s products a few times. I became hooked on The Ordinary. I decided to buy mine own and use them. I bought the hyaluronic acid. I use this as a moisturiser day and night☀


I love this product it sinks in to the skin very quickly and leaves my skin feeling so moisturising. I apply it to my face and neck and then rub the excess into my hands. This has really helped improve my skin as I have dry, eczema prone skin. ☀


Considering this product is cruelty free, affordable and amazing I am in love and can’t wait to see what they bring out next and what I will try from the brand.☀

Let me know if you have tried any Ordinary products and what your favourite’s from the line are.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ 20 gifts over £20 ☆


For Christmas this year I thought I would do two gift guides. A guide with 20 gifts under £20 and another guide with 20 gifts over £20. I have included some items that I love and also ask my sister and mum to pick some gifts as then there is a variety in age, to try and be as helpful as possible for everyone doing their Christmas shopping. ☀

  1. Ted Baker Chelsea Leather mini purse £40. I love this design and think it is always nice to upgrade a purse which is an item people use everyday. I have included the link below if you would like to see more pictures of buy the items.☀

Image result for ted baker chelsea leather purse


2. Ted Baker Alicia zipped leather card holder £35. A small card holder which can also hold change. This would be great for anyone who attends school, collage or uni. It is great for people who love to travel or use small bags. ☀

Related image


3. Carly Rowena Get Gorgeous Guide £35. For a fitness lover or a newbie in the industry. This guide gives you 12 weeks worth of training with examples of exercises and videos to follow along online. Once you have the basics you can the create your own routines and enjoy working out. I have this guide and would 100% recommended. ☀

Get Gorgeous Guide - physical book

Get Gorgeous Guide – physical book

4. YSL Mon Paris perfume from £37. I always love Christmas as you can buy someone their favourite or a new fragrance in limited edition packaging. YSL Mon Paris is my favourite fragrance it is lovely and sweet and last well on my skin and clothes. ☀

Image result for ysl mon paris



5. Beauty Bay gifts sets from £20. Beauty Bay have 8 different gifts set available with different price ranges. I like these gift sets as they contain products from many brands so gives the consumer lots of different options. I have linked the Take The Crown Collection below. ( which is the collection pictured below. It costs £35.)☀

Wreck The Halls


6. Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow palette £56. This palette is absolutely beautiful. I love it so much, the colours are lovely and creamy. I have this on my list. I think this palette would be good for someone starting out in makeup or a makeup lover. I was never attracted to anything Huda Beauty until this palette came out.☀

Image result for huda beauty desert dusk palette


7. Next Lustre Grey Vase £20. This vase is beautiful. It is a shiny, iridescent grey vase which can be used to hold flowers or just as a decorative accessories. Flower ( not included just vase). I think this would be a great gift for a friend who has moved home recently or just someone who like interior designs.  ☀

Lustre Grey Vase


8.  Sainsburys Nordic Sky Grey knitted pom pom throw £28. This item would be perfect for a friend. We could all use a throw whether it be to snuggle in bed or on the sofa while socialising or watching TV. ☀

Image for Sainsbury's Home Nordic Skies Grey Knitted Pom Pom Throw 150x200cm from Sainsbury's


9.Pandora X Disney Thumper Charm £40. As I am sure some of you know, I love Disney. So I thought it would be appropriate to include a piece of jewellery linked to Disney.☀

Image result for pandora thumper charm


10. Olivia Burton Watches from £70. These watches are stunning and I was really wanted one. I love the design of the watch and the different patterns she creates. The watches range in price from around £70 to about £150. ☀

Image result for olivia burton watches


11. Emma Warren £25. Emma warren is a designer, she creates clothes and accessories with really beautiful embroidered prints on. Her items are in both of my gift guides as prices can range. This item is £26, you can have it personalised with your initial on. ☀

Image of Embroidered Initial floral Sweater


12. Custom two tee gift box bundle £29. I love the idea of this gift. You get to pick two t shirts out of her range of 24 and get them wrapped in a nice box. I think this amazing to introduce a friend or family member to beautiful and amazing quality clothes.☀

Image of Custom  two tee gift box bundle


13. Huda Beauty Winter Solstice lip strobe mini’s £29. This is a great gift idea which can intoduce people to this makeup brand. You get two min liquid lips, a lip liner and a beautiful tin you can use to store makeup in. ☀


14. GlamGlow Thirstymud gift set £36. I think this gift set is amazing gift for someone who is new to skincare or is love with skincare.☀

Image result for glamglow thirstymud gift set



15. Swarovski Gold Heart Keyring £59. This is a nice gift to get someone as they can use it everyday. I have a silver star keying which has now been discontinued but I love it and wear it on my keys. A keying can be a  statement piece. ☀

Image result for swarovski gold heart keyring



16. Marc Jacobs Cloud Phone case £55. This phone case is beautiful and would be a nice gift for a friend or family member. I know this case is expensive but it is just an idea of what you could get someone. This gift is practical.☀

Accessories: Phone Cases Marc Jacobs Clouds iPhone 7 Case


17. Katie Loxton Clutch Bag £29.50. This is a new and upcoming brand. The idea behind the brand is simple, minimalist but beautiful. Lots of her items are very affordable and have positive quotes on.☀

Image result for katie loxton clutch



18. Katie Loxton Metallic Silver makeup bag £25.99. This is a beautiful makeup bag on with a positive quote. The colour is nice and it is a good size to store makeup in☀

Image result for katie loxton makeup bag



19. Barbour Tartan Boucle scarf £38. A scarf is a nice present as people usually won’t buy themselves expensive scarf. This scarf comes in many different colours and styles. I think a scarf is a nice gift.☀

Image result for barbour scarf



20. Gojo Go Activity Tracker £25. If you love fitness or are just starting out, I think a fitness tracker can be good. It will help you keep track of your movement, steps and calories burned. This is a cheaper alternative to the FitBit.☀

GOJI GO Activity Tracker - Black, Small


I hope both of my gift guides have helped you with gift ideas for friends and family. Please let me know if you have found them helpful.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ 20 gifts under £20 ☆


So here is my other gift guide. This gift guide is filled with 20 gifts under £20, I along with my sister and mum have chosen the items. I hope this has been helpful for some of my followers. This guide has a range of ages again and covers lots of different gift categories.☀

  1. New Look Star sign mug. £4.99 Very affordable and pretty. A mug is a nice gift as most people drink warm drinks or even cold drinks. I love everything to do with star signs and horoscopes.☀


2. New Look Canvas £11.24. I love quotes and prints. Most people do, so a nice home accessory for their bedroom or home.☀


3. New look pink bunny cushion £14.99. Last year I got some cushions from New Look for my room and loved them. A very cute cushion which would look good on anyone’s bed or sofa.☀


4. New Look Star mug £5.99. Another mug I love this one so much so will be getting one this year. Mugs are great gift ☀


5. New Look Rose Gold Glitter Cosmetic draws £12.99. This is a great idea for storage, it doesn’t have to be for makeup or break the bank. This is a thoughtful gift as most people could do with a little help or motivation for staying tidy.☀


6. New look cat mug £5.99. Another beautiful mug. This is a cute and fun gift which could be great for a secret Santa present.☀


7. Sainsburys Navy weekly planner £3.50. A nice gift to help someone stay organised. Would be good for an individual or a family to share a weekly calander.☀

Image for Sainsbury's Home Navy Text Wiro Weekly Desk Planner from Sainsbury's


8. The Ordinary’s hyalyronic acid £6.00. A moisturiser which is affordable and leaves the skin feeling lovely. I have sensitive skin and use this product so believe it would work for anyone. Is available on Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty and The Ordinary’s website. ☀

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml


9, The Ordinary Foundation £5.70. I love this foundation so much and it is very affordable. I would 100% recommend this foundation to anyone it is amazing for someone who is starting out in makeup or someone who loves makeup.☀

Serum Foundation SPF 15


10. L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara £11.99. This mascara is amazing and I love it so much. This is a nice gift for anyone who loves to do makeup.☀

Image result for l'oreal lash paradise


11. Decathlon Table Tennis set £12.99. This set is amazing as it comes with nets, bats and balls. This is great for adults or children and a gift which only require a table which most people have.☀

09 - Table Tennis Table Tennis - Solid Rollnet Set ARTENGO - Table Tennis Tables and Accessories


12. Shot Roulette £10. A fun game to give as a present over Christmas for people to have fun and celebrate the Christmas festivities.☀


13.Oh K cooling eye mask £6. Lovely skincare item which is great for adults and teenagers. A relaxing present people can enjoy.☀

Image result for oh khttp://www.asos.com/oh-k/oh-k-cooling-eye-pads/prd/6485408?clr=eyemask&SearchQuery=oh+k!&pgesize=30&pge=0&totalstyles=30&gridsize=3&gridrow=7&gridcolumn=3

14. Oh K lip balm £6. Everyone needs lipbalm and these ones are in cute packaging. ☀

Image result for oh k


15. Oh K Nail files £4. Nail files are what everyone needs. So these nail files are cute and a good price. These can be gifted alone, or as part of a present. ☀

Image result for oh k


16. Disney Miss Bunny £12. Free personalised items from Disney store. I love this character in particular but you can get many other toys personalised.  ☀

Image result for miss bunny


17. Typo Star pencil case £7. I love stationary and think most people do. Upgrading a pencil case for a friend or family member is nice. ☀

Image result for typo star pencil case


18. SkinnyDip Makeup bag £14. Makeup bags are a lovely gift to give. Makeup bag can be essential for people who carry travel a lot whether it be going on holiday or carrying one in their everyday bag.☀

Skinnydip London Sparkle Make Up Bag

Sparkle Make Up Bag

19. Emma Warrren t shirt £16. Emma Warren is a designer who I love, she does clothes and accessories all embroided. She has made a feature in both of my gift guides and I would 100% recommend her items to everyone.☀

Image of Baby bee Embroidered White t-shirt


20. New Look Grey bunny slippers £10.99. Slippers are great essential, and getting a new pair of slippers can make people happy. Also everytime you wear them you think of the person who gave them to you. ☀


Thank you all for taking your time to read both my gift guides, they took me a long time to make as I did research for items I think would be great, then sat down to put the guides together. I hope they can help some of you with your Christmas shopping, please let me know if they do. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Presents I got my sister for her 21st Birthday ☆


As some of you may know my sister’s birthday was at the beginning of October. As this was a special birthday for her I picked up quite a few presents. Some which are practical and she can use and some are for her to keep and treasure. ☀

To start with I picked her up two tops, She had her eye on them and I said they could contribute to part of her birthday present. Both tops are from Topshop. One is black with embroided flowers on and the other top is pink with ‘uh huh honey’ on.☀

Next I picked up her up a personalised Hoola. This is a makeup product she will use and she loves bronzer and contouring. The box comes personalised with her name on and the brush also has engraving on. I was disappointed with Benefits customer service and delivery. ☀

Also I picked Sloth notepad. She is a sloth in physical and spiritual form. She can now stay organised and make lists of things she needs to do. ☀


I picked her up the Jeffree Star Nude Volume lip collection. She loves nudes liquid lips so thought it would be a good idea to pick up the mini collection so she can fit them in her bag on a night out and try new shades.☀


Let me know if this blogpost has helped you with ideas for some presents. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀