☆ Ed Sheeran Concert Review☆


Last year we tried so hard to get our hands on some Ed Sheeran tickets as that is an artist I have wanted to see for a long time. When the tickets were released we didn’t get our hands on them and then I check refreshing Twickets to see if we could buy a pair on the official site. We managed to get two tickets one for Chloé (my sister) and one for me. ☀️

The concert was in June 2018 so when we first booked the tickets it seemed ages away. Months close enough to a year away. But I put an countdown on my phone as I always need things to look forward too. ☀️

Last weekend Saturday 16th June we went to the concert. We arrived at about 5:45 and the show didn’t start until 6:30, so we didn’t have that long to wait. Ed had 2 support acts a man called Jamie Lawson and also Anne Marie. He came on about 8:40pm. It’s amazing how he performs. ☀️

Ed is the only person on stage he plays the guitar and sings. He had a different guitar for every song and was very good. The night was lovely. ☀️

He sung amazing and really performed well to the crowd. I really enjoyed it. ☀️

Let me know if you have ever seen Ed Sheeran live.☀️

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ Crystal collection update☆


This year I really got into crystals not just for their beauty but also for their healing powers. Spirituality has became a big part of my life in the last few months. ☀️

I started my collection small with just buying a few tumble stones but then found so amazing pieces that weren’t too expensive so started to collect them as well. Before I knew it I was drawn to all these beautiful pieces which were all different shapes and sizes.☀️

I love crystals for many different reason I am mainly drawn to amethyst, opal and rose quartz.☀️

I displayed them in my bedroom on mirror plates to reflect the light. I have one muted plate and one colourful plate. ☀️

On this plate I have

Celestine- the baby blue crystal

Amethyst- the purple piece which is at the big piece at the back and the middle small piece.

Agate- this specific piece is a very raw it is a rock which has been broken in two to create two beautiful crystals. I have both pieces but my mum and I share that piece so both have a half.

Rose quartz- baby pink stone.

Iolite- small light purple stone at the front

Smokey quartz- they grey stone.

This is my colourful mirror plate it makes me so happy just looking at it.

Geode- comes in many forms and it can look very different. It is the pink and blue crystals.

Amethyst aura- this piece looks clear but in the light it has a purple tint and looks stunning.

Peacock ore- is the purpley, blue piece that looks like rainbow pattern in oil.

Citrine- is the pearly orange piece.

Silver bearing galeria- the silver crystal infront Of citrine.

Shimmer quartz- the middle white crystal that shimmers and reflects rainbow

Aura- this piece can look so different. This piece really called my name as the colour is beautiful and sparkles differently in the light.

Geode- the silver piece next to the pink crystal.

I also have this plate filled with tumble stones which are small polished crystals. I have lots of different stones including amethyst, blue lac agate, opal, tourmaline. I picked lots of these stones for their properties some of them help with exhaustion and others help with clarity of the mind. ☀️

The final small pieces I have are in my car I keep a box filled with small crystals of the world and a box filled with agate in.☀️

I love crystals so try to have them in many places that I am in so their healing properties can work for me, I have them in my bedroom, car, on my car keys.☀️

Let me know if you have any crystals and what your favourites are.☀️

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ Essential oils ☆


Essential oils ?! I have heard of essential oils before but never knew their purpose of them. Essential oils are a concentrated oil which contain plant extract. They are used to enhance your wellbeing and can be used in many ways including in baths, massages and diffusers.☀️

When I attended Jody Shields workshop back in April she allowed everyone to use her orange essential oil. It smelt amazing and made me fee uplifted. So I decided to do some research into essential oils and found a range sold at Holland and Barrett.☀️

I bought myself an orange essential oil and have been using most days. I just pour a little in my hands rub it together and then ensure it is absorbed all over me. I also smell it as it is amazing and really sparks the senses in your nose. ☀️

Since then I have received a Lavender essential oil as a gift and even when visiting my local crystal shop bought a Pisces essential oil. ☀️

I would 100% recommend people to do some research into essential oils and go and have a smell or see if you can get any samples as they are amazing. ☀️

Let me know if you have tried any essential oils before. ☀️

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ Summertime ball review ☆


I think if you have been a reader of my blog for a while you will know by now I love music and I love concerts. They are my happy place where I sing my heart out, forget the worries of the world for a few hours and leave having had an amazing time. ☀️

When capital first announced their summertime ball on the radio I said to my sister if Shawn Mendes is going then I would love to go. The line up was released and then on a Thursday morning we were both up early to try and secure tickets before work. We managed to get 2 tickets so we attended on Saturday 9th June. ☀️

We had an absolutely amazing time and there were so many amazing artists performing including Craig David, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Jess Glynne, Mabel. ☀️

Most of the performances were amazing and we both had a lovely day. The concert started at 3pm and finished at 10pm. We left a little early to beat the rush of everyone and managed to get home just in time to collect a pizza before going home and crashing in bed. ☀️

Let me know if you have been to a capital ball before. ☀️

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ Cutting people out your life ☆


This post is a raw one. It was difficult to write but it is worth sharing to try and help many people out there. ☀️

In life you will meet many people some who you will be friends with forever and some who will come and in out your life. Not forever friends.☀️

Last year I made some friendships which at the time seemed fine and made me happy but slowly overtime they became toxic and negative. I was waiting for a sign which would show me to leave them but didn’t get any signs until early April. ☀️

Everything became extremely overwhelming and stress took over me. I was struggling at work, at home, eating and I was so unhappy. As things developed I started to become unwell and with in the space of 2 weeks had cut many people out of my life for being toxic. ☀️

I wanted to share this post as a warning to show people any friendships can become toxic overtime and somethings happen which you don’t expect and can leave you feeling sad and disappointed. ☀️

I thought of some top tips to help people when they are struggling after having to cut people out their lives .☀️

Self care- look after yourself and do things you enjoy. Face masks, have a bath, read, get your nails done.

Time- give yourself time to process things.

Speak- family and friends were extremely helpful when going through this tough period. Talk to them to get there perspective on the situation.

Have fun- go to the cinema, have a take away, go to the gym. Do something you enjoy to distract yourself.

I hope this post can help some people. I am a lot better now and know warning signs when I am becoming too stress such as not eating and getting sore itchy eyes. So please be present and try to become aware of your warning signs. ☀️

Let me know if you have any top tips when feeling low or having to cut people out your life. ☀️

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ Jody shield fiercely confident workshop ☆


Over the bank holiday weekend I attend a workshop called fiercely confident run by Jody Shield. I have followed her for a while on Instagram and really connected with some of her posts, so decided to book myself onto her workshop. ☀️

The workshop was 3 hours and went in to lots of details about how to feel confident, practising meditations and others techniques to use to help us when we feel trapped. ☀️

I did enjoy the workshop and came out of it feeling calm and knowing that sometimes I give myself barriers. I talk myself out of things. ☀️

Since the workshop I have done many things including going through my Instagram and deleting lots of people I follow I went from following over 1000 people to just over 300 which defiantly can be narrowed down again. I have spent more time reading and trying to find time to read. I managed to look at a course I would like to attend and even managed to go to Holland and Barrett and buy some orange essential oil which I have been using daily. Not only does it smell good but helps me in a time when I am not feeling my best. ☀️

I find Jody an amazing person who touches peoples souls on another level. I have linked her down below and would 100% recommend you checking her out. ☀️



Let me know if you follow Jody too. ☀️

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Catch up ☆


Hello 🙂 it’s been a while. I managed to have a unintentional week off blogpost. I am sorry I didn’t post life became busy and i ran out of time to write posts. ☀️

Having some time off my blog was nice, I had time to relax and not stress as life can be very stressful. For the month of May I was posting quotes daily on Instagram and twitter in aid of mental health awarness month. ☀️

Self care is very important especially in busy moments of our lives we don’t do things because we don’t have time but it is looking after ourselves on another level. ☀️

In the last week I had a restful bank holiday Monday celebrating my mums birthday. Worked the rest of the week then had my hair done. ☀️

I am looking forward to this week as I am off on Friday so have a long weekend to relax and recharge. I also am getting back on my gym schedule which includes making more of an effort and more time. The last few months well since January have been tough and I haven’t been able to move my body as much as I would like but now I will be back on schedule. ☀️

I am also looking forward to getting my nails done on Friday and catching up with my nail lady’s ☀️

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the weather. I will get back in to my regular schedule now if blogpost on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. ☀️

My links below to keep more update with me. ☀️



Thank you for reading❀❀❀